Have you ever felt frustrated trying to fit a plant into a plant hanger? Here is a new design we just launched! These plant hangers are designed for wide leafy plants with shallow pots.  They can be used for vegie baskets and other handy things as kitchen utensils and other neat themes. The plant basket of this design is for shallow wide pots with a total length of 3 feet. These plant hangers are not as long as our 4 foot style but still offer you the luxury of fitting large plants with a shallow base. These plant hangers also can be used as vegetable/fruit baskets!
*Can be used indoor-outdoor - weather resistant
* Available in 12 different colors - select customization button on right to select colors you wish
*6mm Bonnie braided polyester cord - will not fade

If you are wondering if your bigger plant will fit this design, please contact me under "General Inquiries". Just send me a the measurements of your plant - i.e. how wide or big it is and I will respond to you within 12 hours.

Extra-wide Handmade Colored Plant Hangers

  • For returns authorization please contact Becky@rebeccasplanthangers.com. We offer returns or exchanges within 30 days of purchase.