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What is Jute versus Hemp?

A few months ago I posted a blog on the differences between Hemp and Jute. I want to post an update on what I learned about working with the two types of rope. Again, jute and hemp have almost the same tensile strength and similar low elasticity. Both can be used for twine, but hemp does not require any syntering or pesticides, unlike jute. Still, hemp is a stronger natural fiber compared to jute.

Personally jute rope which is a natural vegetable fiber gives the more natural boho look and I prefer working with. There are many types of thickness that are offered by manufactures and the definitions vary extremely. Some advertise 4 mm thickness or by strand yet I have found some companies to offer different standards. If the site states the actual thickness i.e. 1/4 inch it may be more true. The best way is to order a small spool of what you wish to work with and see if you are satisfied with it. Hemp rope again depending on the manufacturer is many times a polished rope - I find it harder to work with however it does give the finished product a different look. My opinion is hemp is many times been modified through manufacturing to not be of as good quality as jute rope. However it again depends on what you wish for your final product. If you want more information or have any questions on hemp or jute, please contact us. Have a great day!

Becky - Rebecca's Macrame Closet

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