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What Is a Macramé Plant Hanger?

You've probably seen one at some point but never really thought about it, but what exactly is a macramé plant hanger? Macramé is a centuries-old artistic method of crafting a textile using several knots to form the basic shape or function of the desired piece you are looking to create. This technique is accessible as it only requires your hands and no other tools are necessary aside from the mounting ring that is used to keep everything in place.

Unique Macrame Plant Hangers

In most cases, macramé projects (including macramé plant hangers) are pieced together with several knots, but to be considered macramé, a piece usually should incorporate at least one knot as macramé can be collaborated with other techniques including weaving and knitting to create a variety of useful products and artistic projects. And let's face it, who doesn't like a bit of variation?!

Once you build up your knotting experience you can create your own patterns to create unique, one-of-a-kind textiles.

A popular macramé project is creating a macramé plant hanger. It's useful, enjoyable to make and it looks nifty!

A macramé plant hanger allows you to hang your potted plants or flowers in the air within your home or outside, keeping them off the ground and allowing you to put them in shaded areas of your choosing outdoors or inside around your home to add to the vibe of your decor.

Macrame Plant Hanger Ideas

Things to consider when creating a macramé plant hanger:

● Whether or not you're going to keep your plant hanger indoors or outdoors

● How you’re going to hang it (depending on how much it weighs)

● What materials will cater to the style and appearance of the macramé plant hanger project that you are about to embark on

Macrame plant hangers are always a fun macramé project, allowing you to create your very own unique macramé succulent plant hanger, house plant hanger or flower-pot hanger. These are great gift ideas for friends and family members as well as sellable products that you can make, because everyone loves to incorporate unique decor to their homes style!

Where to Buy Macrame Plant Hangers

Speaking of selling macramé plant hangers… If you're not up to making one yourself, you are probably wondering where you can buy a macramé plant hanger?

There are plenty of sites online that cater to macramé style decor for your home or office like the Home Depot, World Market, Amazon, and definitely make sure to browse through Etsy and Rebecca’s Macramé Closet as well! Both websites provide a large variety of unique handmade macramé plant hangers available for purchase from many different artists allowing you to find the perfect fitting plant hanger for your space's ambiance .

Macrame offers infinite design possibilities when it comes to macramé plant hangers, including size, color, beads, frillies, cords and more! Bringing plants into your home as decor can be a therapeutic activity in itself, and using a plant hanger is an innovative way to hang and incorporate your favorite plants all around, while ultimately setting the vibe of your space for yourself and others to enjoy.

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