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Tree of Life Macramé

The stability and strength that trees have the ability to possess for hundreds of years is truly mesmerizing and astounding.

It’s encouraging to know that something so delicate at first, can grow so strong and withstand such extreme weathers while continuing to grow and flourish.

Human beings embody the same strengths through the hardships and stages of life.

What started off as mythology grew into ancient religions and was passed down to what we believe the tree of life symbolizes today.

The tree of life evolution can be interpreted as the physical and spiritual journey in which all living organisms transform through their entire lives.

Rebecca’s Macrame Closet tree of life macrame designs come with a gift card explaining the meaning of the ‘Tree of Life’.

As a symbol of immortality, a tree grows old, yet it bears the seeds that contain is very essence, and in this way, the tree becomes immortal.

This year, we need to believe in spirituality, and the power it holds in our being and belief in life.

The Biblical meaning behind the Tree of Life is important to help all of us through the troubling times and unfortunate world events happening around us each day.

Rebecca’s Macrame Closet tree of life macrame designs are a stylish addition to your home that symbolize positive energy, good health and a bright future.

Tree of Life Meaning

Tree of life wall décor is a unique and inviting way to decorate your home while representing the positive spirituality between mother Earth and human mind, body and soul.

What does the tree of life symbol mean?

The tree of life symbol comes from the desire to start life with a fresh perspective, positive energy, good health and bright future.

A tree matures while simultaneously growing new, youthful parts of itself through its branches, leaves, and stems.

As a tree matures and bears the seeds that contain its essence, it becomes immortal and strong.

The tree of life meaning depicts the interconnected nature of all things in the universe through the eternal bonding of the physical reality we are rooted in, and the spiritual realm that we are striving for.

The tree of life exemplifies the strength that we possess by overcoming the hardships of life to be molded into who we are today, and who we aspire to be tomorrow.

Tree of Life Wall Décor

Tree of life macrame made by Rebecca’s Macrame Closet is the entertaining décor that can bring any home’s style to life.

The tree of life meaning is a sacred belief that all living things will flourish through hardships in hopes of a positive future.

Bring the positivity and light into your home through the tree of life macrame designs created by Rebecca’s Macrame Closet.

A popular tree of life macrame pattern is Rebecca’s tree of life design.

Tree of life wall décor can be used as a tree of life wall hanging in your home to brighten the ambiance and energy of any space.

Brighten up the interior and/or exterior of your home with the unique macrame creations designed by Rebecca’s Macrame Closet.

We have a unique, handmade design that represents and embodies the Tree of Life meaning.

Rebecca’s Macrame Closet designs customized tree of life macrame patterns to fill your home with prosperity, positive energy and the aspirations of a bright future.

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