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Tips On Caring For Your House Plants

We at Rebecca's Macrame Closet want to share some basic ideas on house plants. Displaying plants in our plant hangers is important. Healthy plants are important to properly display your plants. Below are some basic tips on how to care for your plants.

Basic Houseplant Care

  1. Watering. Most plants indoors need watering ABOUT once every ten days. ... one very important thing is don't overwater. That is the most important thing as many times we think a plant needs watering when down in the soil it is wet. The best thing is to sstick your finger down in the soil if it is at all damp DO NOT WATER - and try again in a few days.

  2. Repotting. If your plant is drying out every few days or stops growing, it may need repotting. ...especially if plant is root bound. Make sure you use good quality potting soil i.e.. Miracle Gro - don't cut corners to save $ - if you care about your plants spend the extra $.

  3. Cleaning. ...Maintenance - pull off dead leaves or vines.

  4. Humidity. ...

  5. Fertilizing. ...Again use good quality like Miracle Gro. Fertilizer is not always necessary if you use good quality soil. I like to add fertilizer sparingly otherwise you could stunt the plant.

  6. Sunlight. ...try to hang your plants near light - the leaves and branches will lean towards the light. After a few weeks rotate the plant to get good growth.

Plant Hanger Basics

Determine what type of your plant you wish to hang. If it is small, medium or large. Is it leafy and wide. We at Rebecca's Macrame Closet have guidelines and posts on our blogs that you can follow Below are the links -

Again if you have any other questions, feel free to contact us! Have a great day!

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