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The Possibilities of a Miniature Macrame Plant Hanger

In the world of macrame, there are so many unique, creative designs that you could make.

From macrame wall hangings to macrame jewelry, and macrame plant hangers, macrame art comes in all shapes and sizes.

Macrame designs began long ago, during the ancient times.

Around the 13th century, Arabic weavers invented macrame to make clothing and other useful necessities out of this decorative knot-tying practice.

They mostly used macrame to finish the loose ends on hand-woven textiles but before we knew it, macrame designs were starting back up around the 60s and 70s, centuries later.

Since the mid to late 1900s, macrame has evolved and transformed to make the designs more useful for everyday objects.

Some people use macrame for decoration while others use macrame for holding their plants or their wall art up.

Either way, macrame is a creative way to make your favorite objects even more stylish by adding in the little woven accents!

Today, we’re discussing mini plant hangers and how you can incorporate mini macrame art all around your space.

At Rebecca’s Macrame Closet, our macrame designs are (knot)hing but average!

What to do with a Mini Macrame Plant Hanger

Rebecca’s Macrame Closet always tries to find enjoyable ways to keep macrame patterns trendy and up to date.

That’s why we came up with some fun ways to use mini macrame plant hangers around the inside (and outside) of your space!

Dress your plant holder up, and add some metal rings or wooden beads to your macrame cord.

If your home decor is more casual, you can keep your mini macrame designs simple with some basic knots and techniques.

Check out our latest, mini macrame hanging planter ideas to see how you can spread the tiny love:

Mini Macrame Air Plant Hanger

You purchased an air plant and now, you’re wondering how and where to hang it.

You might search the web to see what creative ideas pop up and we’re hoping there’s a good chance that you’ll click on our article. If that’s the case, keep listening because we have something good brewing here.

There are plenty of ways to hang air plants and since they’re already unique on their own, any way that you choose to hang them will be fairly fun.

Whether you choose the little glass bubbles that you stick to the wall or our mini macrame air plant hanger (that you can essentially put anywhere), your air plant is bound to be looking great.

Our mini macrame air plant holder pattern looks similar to a macrame wall hanging or woven tapestry, except it has the little pouch in the middle for the plant pot.

Mini macrame art is pleasant to make and melts your heart when you see it.

Mini Macrame Succulent

There are so many original ways to make your mini macrame plant hangers suited to fit your fashion and style!

Check out the examples below to see the size comparison between a full-size macrame plant hanger and the miniature macrame plant hanger.

Each macrame pattern has its own, individual design here.

The left photo used square knots while the right used their own, unique knotting cord technique.

Depending on how you like, you can make your yarn thicker or thinner, and you can also use many different knots, or the same ones over and over.

Leave the bottom of the design to hang peacefully or shorten it to have more volume. This will give the overall design balance.

Mini Macrame Plant Hanger for Car

Have you ever thought about putting a plant in your car?

Maybe you never thought about it, but it sure is possible with a mini macrame car plant hanger.

Give all of your spaces the style and vibes that you like, even your car!

How to Make a Mini Macrame Plant Hanger Unique

Rebecca’s Macrame Closet has one more exclusive design that we thought had to be in our list of fun mini macrame designs!

Bonus: Mini Macrame Art Décor

Throughout the seasons, you can decorate your ornaments, pumpkins, leprechauns, whatever it may be, with a trendy woven design.

Hang mini macrame designs like this, anywhere you like!

Rebecca’s Macrame Closet takes pride in giving her clients fun, unique ideas on their next macrame pattern.

Take our advice, find a cool place to hang your next mini macrame plant hanger and thank us later!

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