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Finally! It is here the calendar says "Happy Spring". This brings excitement, happiness after a long winter! Some of us still have plenty of snow on the ground like us in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan but we all are excited. The sun is at a higher angle and the warm rays make us excited about spring planting in our gardens and flowers.

We at Rebecca's Macrame Closet specialize in all sorts of plant hangers weather you wish to brighten up your house or yard. Our colored braided poly plant hangers are weather resistant and colorfast so they will nade fade and hold up excellent outdoors in rain or shine!

We will customize for your needs and offer different styles and options, just message us! Look for upcoming new products and specials. For limited time we are offering free shipping with your order! It's our way of saying AHHHHHH.... Happy Spring!

Have a great day!

Rebecca's Macrame Closet

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