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Outdoor Plant Hangers

The Spring is finally here, and what better way to dress your garden, deck or porch up, than with a lovely outdoor plant hanger from Rebecca’s Macrame Closet?

Rebecca’s handmade macrame plant hangers are durable, stylish and unique, to keep your flowers comfortable and to make your home stand out.

There are lots of different options to choose from, so there is a color and style for everyone’s liking!

Your plants deserve to look good and feel better!

Hang your flowerpots outdoors with Rebecca’s handcrafted macrame plant hangers, and your plants will get the sunlight and air that they need.

Plant Hangers Macrame

Rebecca’s Macrame Closet has all the outdoor plant hangers you could ever want.

Plus, you can leave our macrame plant hangers in your garden over the Winter season to be used as bird feeders.

Whether your style is modern, classic, bohemian, or retro, we’re sure to have a handmade outdoor plant hanger that matches your preference.

Simple Macrame Pattern

If your style is simpler, a basic macrame plant hanger would be best for you.

This way, your plant is the highlight of the décor, and others will appreciate your creativity to pair your plant with a nice plant hanger.

Colorful Macrame Plant Hanger

Rebecca’s Macrame Closet has various plant hanger colors to choose from, if you want to be fun and pick a color other than white!

Choose from coral, green, blue, tan, black, orange, lilac, plus many more and your plant will surely get some attention.

Different Macrame Patterns

Some outdoor plant hangers have simple threading while others are made of complex patterns.

There are various shapes, sizes and patterns to choose from depending on your preference.

Rebecca’s macrame plant hangers come in small, medium, large, and mini, so you can even put your favorite tiny plant in your car!

Most of our macrame plant hangers are made of natural Jute, while others can be made of braided cord or even cotton.

Embellished Macrame

If you want to switch it up and be unique, consider browsing through the decorated macrame plant hangers that Rebecca’s Macrame Closet offers.

Beads are typically woven into the embellished styles that we offer, however some macrame patterns can even include jewels.

Rebecca’s Macrame Closet offers custom macrame patterns if you happen to have a style that she doesn’t offer.

Best Plants for Macrame Hangers

You may be interested in an outdoor plant hanger, but wondering what plant fits and grows best in a macrame hanger?

Money Plant – Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos are fast-growing, cascading plants that’ll brighten up any space. Putting a money plant on your outdoor plant hanger will, not only, make your home stand out, but it will also improve your air quality.

String of Pearls

If your style is more boho-chic, then String of Pearls is a great plant to invest your time and energy in. While this plant doesn’t have leaves, instead it has little green pearls on its long-flowing vines.

Chenille Plant

The Chenille Plant is colorful and extravagant, where it’s crimson petals and green leaves will overflow any flowerpot. This plant is great and adds color to where you place it outdoors.

Burro’s Tail

If you’ve never seen a Burro’s Tail plant, it’s quite interesting and unique. This succulent is easy to maintain and can be hung on your macrame plant hanger indoors or outdoors.

English Ivy

Most people have seen English Ivy, especially growing on the sides of buildings. If you’ve ever seen a picture of an Ivy League school, their buildings are typically covered in this stuff.

English Ivy looks classic and isn’t overwhelming, for those who prefer a simple plant and style.

Outdoor Floral Plant Hangers

Rebecca’s Macrame Closet has plenty of outdoor plant hangers for you to choose from, if you’re looking to spruce up your garden, deck or porch!

Choose from the various colors, sizes and styles that we offer and pair with one of your favorite plants, to make your outdoor home décor impressively charming.

To browse through our outdoor plant hangers, visit our website!

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May 04, 2021

There are great ideas of how to display your flowers and plants! Worth reading!

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