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Macrame Wedding Décor

A wedding is a special, sacred day that will forever be remembered by you and your guests.

It’s your chance to stand out and transform your wedding into the most magical night.

If you want to attract remarkable attention on your unforgettable day, then consider styling your wedding with Rebecca’s Macrame Closet.

Macrame has been around for quite some time and as of recently, macrame has transformed to a completely unique, bohemian style since its origin during the 13th century.

What was once solely used as decorative fringe on bath towels, shawls and veils by Arabian weavers can now be used for practicality, home décor, and even wedding décor!

These pretty textiles are made by knotting cords together to create one-of-a-kind patterns to match the style of any event’s décor.

Exceptional macrame wedding décor handmade by Rebecca’s Macrame Closet is guaranteed to give your wedding that special, one-of-a-kind ambiance that will forever impress you and your guests.

Macrame Accents

Adding macrame accents in your macrame wedding décor is the perfect way to style your next boho-chic wedding.

Rebecca’s Macrame Closet has so many great, fun uses for macrame that there is really no wrong way to interpret the trend.

From small minimal weavings to woven table runners and wedding attire accents, there are so many unique ways to interweave this old-meets-new form of art with other wedding décor elements on your big day.

Macrame Table Runners & Placemats

A whimsical way to add some spark to your wedding décor is by embellishing the guests’ tables with woven macrame table runners and/or macrame placemats.

It is a simple, yet rare way to dress up the table without having to pay an excessive amount for other decorations which you could probably only use one time, on your big day. Plus, you can keep the macrame table runners and placemats to use in the comfort of your own home later even after your special day comes to an end.

Macrame Napkin Ring Holders

Such a cute and practical way to use macrame is by making the knots into little macrame napkin ring holders.

Napkin ring holders can get expensive, depending on the style and material that one chooses, and let’s be real, napkin ring holders aren’t something that we use on a daily basis as we do a spoon, knife, or fork.

Rebecca’s Macrame Closet can create affordable, charming woven napkin ring holders with macrame that you can keep forever to remind yourself of your beautiful, special day.

Macrame Plant Hangers

One of the most popular uses for macrame are macrame plant hangers. If you have succulents surrounding your event, think of how lovely they would look hanging from the ceiling in a woven material. Engulf your guests in your bohemian style with macrame plant hangers from Rebecca’s Macrame Closet.

Macrame Accessories

If you are truly dedicated to a bohemian-styled wedding, why not wear woven macrame accessories?

Rebecca’s Macrame Closet can make macrame accessories to be used as headbands, bracelets, necklaces, belts, and much more. The best part is that you can re-wear these cute accessories and be reminded of your special day every time that you put them on.

Macrame Bouquet Wraps & Centerpiece Wraps

A way to minimally incorporate macrame wedding décor on your big day is to have your bouquet and centerpiece wraps surrounded in woven macrame. Macrame bouquet wraps and macrame centerpiece wraps are a graceful way to dress up your bouquet or centerpieces without overdoing it.

Macrame Candle Holder

Macrame is chic, candles are elegant, and when you combine the two you get the perfect mix of elegantly chic with macrame candle holders from Rebecca’s Macrame Closet.

Macrame Chair Decor

A subtle way to incorporate macrame wedding décor is by simply adding it to the backs of the chairs used during your special day. When people notice the macrame, they’ll take a second look to appreciate the authenticity you put into your wedding décor.

Macrame Wall Hanging Decoration Ideas

Macrame wedding décor from Rebecca’s Macrame Closet will liven up the ambiance on your monumental day.

If you’d like to incorporate more intense macrame to your wedding décor, Rebecca’s Macrame Closet can also design your macrame wedding décor to be slightly more dramatic.

Macrame Backdrops

Macrame backdrops can be used as macrame wall hanging decorations so you and your guests can take the most magical photos to remember your big day. You can hang macrame backdrops essentially anywhere where there is a place to attach the backdrop to, so even if you’d like to take charming photos outside, you can attach the macrame backdrop to a tree, light post, anywhere.

A charismatic and unique way to make your wedding unforgettable and truly one-of-a-kind is with macrame wedding décor designs from Rebecca’s Macrame Closet.

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