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Macrame Christmas Ornaments

Think about every time that you’ve walked into a Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, or IKEA, to browse through their holiday ornaments… not so cheap, am I right?

Macrame is an enjoyable, exciting, and very affordable way to make your own home decors that are truly one-of-a-kind and engineered to your exact liking.

The possibilities for macrame holiday ornaments and macrame Christmas ornament patterns during the holiday season are endless.

Macrame Christmas ornaments are a simple and economical way to entertainingly design a customized Christmas gift for your friends and family, as well as for your home and yourself.

You can hang macrame holiday ornaments on your wall to use as décor year-round or bring them out for special occasions to impress your visitors during the holiday season. Either way, macrame Christmas ornaments have many uses and patterns that you can explore.

Macrame Christmas Ornament Patterns

Macrame ornaments DIY are an inexpensive and enjoyable way to design your next holiday gift for that special someone(s)… including yourself.

Your abode will feel homier and more comfortable being decorated with macrame Christmas ornaments, and the friends and family who receive your macrame Christmas ornaments will feel even more special because of the time that you took to create such a thoughtful gift.

The macrame Christmas ornament patterns are limitless:

Macrame Christmas Tree Ornament Pattern

The most popular macrame holiday ornament is, you guessed it, a macrame Christmas tree ornament pattern.

Macrame Christmas tree ornaments are a subtle, yet trendy decoration for your home even when it isn’t the holiday season. Macrame Christmas tree ornaments can be put anywhere around your home to bring some coziness into the atmosphere. They go in any room throughout your space and can be hung from your ceiling on light fixtures, hung on your wall, or propped up as a trinket to add a pop of decoration.

Macrame Star Ornament

A macrame star ornament is also a great addition to your macrame Christmas ornament patterns. A macrame star ornament is very simple to create, which is why so many individuals choose this particular macrame Christmas ornament pattern. The macrame star looks clean and there are various ways to make it your own by adding fringe on the sides or the inside of the star.

Macrame Feather Ornament

One of the best ways to make your macrame holiday ornaments come to life is by adding feathers into your project. You can utilize feathers for small trinkets and nature-looking macrame feather ornaments. Leaves, trees, plants, wood, and flowers are all effortless to make with macrame feather ornaments.

Macrame Wreath Ornament

Another popular macrame Christmas ornament pattern is a macrame wreath ornament. Macrame can be used to make patterns for things like dreamcatchers, and wreaths are a similar shape that are just as fun to create. A macrame wreath ornament might take you a bit more time to complete, but it will come out looking worth it since you can incorporate various shapes, designs in colors in your macrame wreath ornament.

Mini Macrame Ornaments

If you’re not a fan of the typical holiday shapes that we already mentioned, you can make your mini macrame ornaments to have any kind of shape that you want. Since they are mini macrame ornaments, they’ll be able to fit on your Christmas tree, or any other place in your home for year-round decoration. Win-win.

Macrame Holiday Ornaments

There are various patterns to create your next one-of-a-kind macrame Christmas ornament.

A few macrame holiday ornament patterns that didn’t mention could be designed into snowballs, snowflakes, candy canes, garland stands, mini wrapped boxes, angels, and much more.

Whether you’re giving your macrame Christmas ornament out to a loved one, or keeping it for your own home décor, it is an entertaining and affordable way to design something meaningful.

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