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How to Determine What Type of Plant Hanger For Your Plant

Many times we get asked how do I figure what size plant hanger to get for my plant?

It gets frustrating to guess Here are some basic guidelines that you can use to properly select the size of plant hanger for your plant from our store.

  • What type of plant do you have? Is it small - by small a succulent or small cactus plant that fits into smaller 2 pint or quart size pot? See photo below. Then select our medium size plant hanger. The length of these are around 3 feet - now if you need something smaller or larger we can customize either type the jute or colored braided plant hanger to your needs. If it is larger plant or leafy go with the large size as I have constructed them with a larger basket and five branches to work with larger leafy plants such as bug spider plants or say Christmas Cactus which are wide. We also carry extra-wide plant hangers and mini-plant hangers for smaller succulents or air plants. See photo below.

  • Measure the length you wish to hang it from - if it is over a kitchen sink or in a corner of room determine what is best for your decor.

  • Determine color or the natural jute. If you wish to hang your plant hangers outside -our colored braided are weather resistant and colorfast.

  • The options are open to you.

  • Again if you need assistance - our customer service department will assist you .

  • Here are some files that you can download to help you with your selection.

Again any questions just contact us we are here to help you with any questions.

Becky, Rebecca's Macrame Closet

Mini-planthanger_pot size guide
Download PDF • 246KB

Medium_planthanger_pot size guide
Download PDF • 352KB

Large_planthanger_pot size guide
Download PDF • 600KB

Extra-wide_planthanger_pot size guide
Download PDF • 277KB

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