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Back To School Time!

Wow - it is already almost end of August. Students , kids and teachers are looking forward to seeing everyone again, especially after the past year. It is time to get together with friends, plan your classes and move in to housing and dorms for college kids! I remember it was always so much fun moving furniture in to the little space that I had as a college student. We at Rebecca's Macrame Closet offer an inexpensive twin pack of Mini-Plant Hangers where you can hang and display your small houseplants or air-plants. Our mini-plant hangers are 100% cotton and come in several colors, jute, turquoise. gray, and natural. The length of the plant hangers are around 18 to 22 inches - perfect for areas where you are limited on space. You can order them on our website - free shipping. Just click on the following online link for our Mini-Plant Hangers. While you are on our store besure to check out our other macrame products we offer. Good Luck this School Year!

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