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Air Plants

Air plants are actually called Tillandsias, which happens to be part of the Bromeliaceae or Bromeliad species. They have also been labelled as Epiphytes, as they do not need to have soil to grow. The air plant is often found in the jungles, mountain tops, and deserts, of Central and South America, and Mexico and the the southern United States in North America.

  • Water your Air plant Regularly. You will need to regularly water your airplant. .. You can use a light spray bottle and mist it. If you live in a humid area you shouldn't have to water as frequently. More drier climate like the western U.S. Arizona, California etc. may need to do more misting. If the plants looke "tired" soak it for like 30 seconds - DO NOT USE CHLORINATED CITY WATER!

  • Give your Air plant Light. ...

  • Let Your Air plant Have Some Air. ...

  • Keep Your Air plant in a Nice Temperature. ...

This fall Rebecca's Macrame Closet will be offering Air Plants of different species for sale or as a package they will be offered with our Mini-Plant Hangers!

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