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7 Easy Ways To Think Positive and Change Your Life

I wanted to talk about something different with a Blog Posting. Life can be challenging and we all deal with every day challenges with hopes and dreams to achieve new goals.Positive thinking can add so much to your life — and now we know that positive thinking can add years to your life. When you think positive you get rid of stress and tend to live a healthier life and make better choices. If you’re naturally a negative thinker, there are ways you can change that thinking and get on the path to a life-changing way of thinking.

Below is a summary of life challenges we need to think about.

  1. Be responsible for your thoughts. No one can tell you what to think or controls how you react to your thinking.

  2. Plan to think positively. So many of our thoughts come from the subconscious mind. When you plan to think positively, you won’t be as apt to take what you’re thinking as reality. Instead, you have the time and opportunity to think it over and come to the conclusion that reflects the reality of the situation.

  3. Avoid negative people. Negative people can ruin your best laid plans to think positively. They can feed the fire of self-doubt and anxiety.

  4. Write down your thoughts. It’s helpful if you can see at the end of the day what your thoughts have been. For awhile, take the time to write them down.

  5. Consider the repercussions. Many times myself I wanted my projects to be perfect yet in a hurry to finsh so I finished it quickly and the result was I was totally disatisfied and started over. This has happened with several macrame projects, ideas I have tried. Consider solutions.

  6. Minimize catastrophic thinking. Rather than thinking the worst about a situation, try to minimize it and lower your anxiety level by being practical about it.

  7. Live for the moment.

Accept the reality that you can control your thoughts. You’ll become more empowered to face stressful situations in your life and to change the way you think. It will become easier to maintain a positive attitude the more you practice thinking positively.

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